The Moseley Society AGM will be held on 26th May 2016

Click here to see the Moseley Society Annual Review 2015-16, the Moseley Society Report and Accounts 2015 and the proposed Revised Constitution for approval at the AGM.

The meeting will include a presentation by a member of the Highbury Heritage Trust on future plans for Highbury.


The Moseley Society  –  Caring for an historic area of Birmingham

Moseley is a diverse, vibrant suburb three miles south of central Birmingham, with fine Victorian and Edwardian housing, attractive green spaces and historic buildings.  It is continually under  pressure for further development, not always in keeping with the character of the area. The Moseley Society was formed to conserve and enhance the environment of Moseley and respond to development issues in collaboration with voluntary organisations and public bodies, increase understanding of Moseley’s heritage and encourage community participation.  To read more about the Society, click here.

The Society runs a Programme of evening talks on a variety of topics (click to view) and publishes quarterly Newsletters with updates on local news and events (click to view).

We continually monitor and respond to local development proposals and planning applications (click to view), with the aim of encouraging the enhancement of the Moseley environment, both built and natural.  Everyone can play a part in keeping Moseley looking good by reporting problems to the Council via their website (click here to see how).

We also maintain the historic Dovecote and Icehouse on the former Moseley Hall estate, which the Society was instrumental in preserving (click to read more).  We have created an attractive award-winning 18th century style garden around the Dovecote and are keen to enlist the support of knowledgeable gardeners to help with its maintenance and further development.

The Society plays an active part in local events such as the Moseley Festival and has an enthusiastic Local History group which welcomes new members (click to read more).

If you are interested in joining the Society click here to see How to JoinPlease note: We have recently discovered a problem that occurred with the How to Join page. It is now fixed but if you have set up a standing order but not yet heard from us please email


News –

Marks & Spencer have finally signed the contract to develop a new store on the former Meteor Ford site.  Building work is now going ahead.

The Boundary Commission to issue revised proposals following public response to its Proposed Ward Changes

The Local Government Boundary Commission has been totally overwhelmed by the 2,000 plus responses it received during the consultation stage. As a result they have gone back to the drawing board and will be issuing new proposals on 10th May for a further six weeks consultation.   Click here to read  the submissions to the consultation process which have ben published on the Boundary Commission’s website.  The website allows you to see your individual contributions (under ‘Local residents’) as well as those from organisations (under ‘Local organisations’) including The Moseley Society (which is filed under T).

There have been around 2,000 responses from Birmingham as a whole with a large proportion coming from Moseley.  Thank you all for your contributions.   They have obviously had an effect!

The Boundary Commission has proposed drastic changes to Birmingham Ward boundaries which splits Moseley between five wards and six councillors.  The Boundary Commission proposals for re-warding Birmingham can be found at .  You can download the map there (about 15MB in size so it takes a while) or view a comparative map of the old and new ward boundaries here.

The Moseley Society’s letter of response to the Boundary Commission’s proposals together with the map referred to in the letter can be read here. (Click to view).  The map shows the distribution of the Society’s members across the two-councillor ward recommended by the combined community proposal.

You are encouraged to respond to these proposals, if you have not already done so.  Guidance notes produced by our Councillors on Responding to the Moseley boundary changes  can be read here.   Notes of the Ward Boundary Public Meeting at Queensbridge School on 16.01.2016 are also available, as are photos of the meeting .  You can also read our leaflet Your Moseley – Fight for it now(Click to view)

The proposal splits Moseley between five wards and six councillors but only one of those wards would have Moseley’s interests as its primary focus.  The proposal is as follows:

  • A small, one Councillor Moseley Ward that does not contain the Village Centre but instead is bounded by the railway line to the west (with a few squiggles may be intended to represent the edge of Moseley Conservation Area but if so are wrong); Brighton/TauntonRoad to the north; Yardley Wood Road to the East and St Agnes/Dyott/Oxford/PatonGrove to the south.
  • Most of the rest of Moseley – including the shopping centre and Moseley Park will be part of a large new two councillor Balsall Heath and Cannon Hill Ward.
  • Greenhill, Prospect, Blenheim, Clarence, Elmfield, Greenend, much of Billesley Lane, Northlands, Westlands etc and Moseley Golf Course will all be in a one Councillor Kings Heath Ward.
  • Elizabeth Road and the lower part of Moor Green Lane will be in a one Councillor Stirchley Ward.
  • The area around Moseley Bog and Moseley School will be in a one Councillor Sparkhill South Ward.

 The proposal submitted by Moseley Forum on behalf of all the organisations in Moseley, including The Moseley Society and Moseley Community Development Trust, has been completely rejected in favour of balancing the numbers in surrounding Wards. The Moseley SPD area has been completely ignored, and the Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Plan area has been cut in two.

From the Moseley Society’s point of view this really matters.  The thought of dealing with 5 Wards and 6 Councillors, only one of whom will have a sole interest for part of what we all think of as Moseley, is daunting.   The other 5 Councillors are likely to be much more concerned about Balsall Heath, Stirchley, Kings Heath, Sparkhill.   How will services be administered?   How will police boundaries be affected?   Will we once again have a parliamentary boundary through Moseley dividing us into two constituencies?