The Society has an active and enthusiastic History Group which carries out research on local history topics and organises talks, walks and visits.  The Group has built up an extensive Collection of  archived and catalogued documents, photographs and artefacts relating to Moseley’s history, which are used in our research.  For more details, visit the About the History Group page and the Moseley History Collection page.  To contact us send an email to our new email address – use this new address in future although any mail sent to our old Exchange address will be temporarily forwarded on.)  There are many opportunities for further interesting research and we welcome new volunteers.  To find out more or to join our group, click here.

Next evening talk in our Programme

The next evening talk in our Programme will be on Tuesday 5th December on the subject of “St Agnes Conservation Area”  by Dr Terry Slater.  Dr  Slater will be talking about the St Agnes Conservation Area and the progress he has made in preparing an Appraisal and Management Plan. This is a good news story – representing much skilled work by Terry with support from a team of volunteers from the St Agnes Residents’ Association and The Moseley Society – at a time when good news stories are in short supply.

As usual, the meeting will start at 7.30 and take place in the Orange Room at Moseley Exchange behind the Post Office at 153 Alcester Road.  Refreshments will be served afterwards and donations toward costs will be welcomed.

The full Moseley Society Programme for 2017-18 is now available (click to view).  The Programme includes a large number of history talks which will be of interest to followers of the History Group.

Recent Additions to the website

New – A new article on the history of Wintersloe School is available to view (click to read). The group has started a project on the history of Wintersloe School and is interested in anyone who would like to help or who can provide further information.  For more information, visit our Projects  page.

New – Four new articles have been uploaded about men from Moseley who were killed in action in 1917 and are commemorated on the St Mary’s War Memorial. To read these articles on Private Albert Woodroffe, L/C Henry Arkell, Gunner William Davies and 2nd Lt. Henry Matthews, together with an updated version of a previous article on Private Leslie Smith, visit the web page on men killed in 1917.  There is also an updated article on Second Lieutenant William Furse  on the web page on men killed in 1916.

New –  An interesting article ‘Dora and Jack … a Moseley tale of loveby Jim Hone tells the story of Lieutenant Colonel J H S Dimmer, a war hero and holder of the highest award for gallantry, the Victoria Cross, and his marriage to a local Moseley girl, Dora Bayley-Parker.  Click to view.

New – The booklet ‘Some Moseley Personalities Volume I’ has now been added to the website, providing biographical sketches of twelve former Moseley residents who achieved national or local prominence.  To read these articles visit the Moseley People page.

New – A collection of articles about the interesting exploits of the Frazier brothers in WW1 is now available.  Click to view.

New The History Group’s Library catalogue lists a number books and pamphlets held in the Collection, which are available to be viewed on borrowed on request.  Thanks are due to Jim Hone who donated a number of books on World War I (see catalogue).  The Group would be very grateful to receive any further donations to the Collection.

History Group’s appearance on BBC Midlands Today

On Thursday 29th June  Linda and Graham Richards from the USA visited the History Group to present us with a photograph of Second Lieutenant William Furse which Graham bought in a Stratford-on-Avon antique shop 15 years ago.  BBC Midlands Today were there to film the event which was broadcast on that evening’s news programme. Click HERE   to read more.

Recent Acquisition

We have received a donation of bills and receipts from the 1940s-1960s for shops in Moseley and Kings Heath which belonged to Margaret Gilbert of School Road and which shed interesting insights on the period. For example there are many bills/receipts for George J Mason Ltd., Grocers & Provisions, a shop many of you might remember.

Along with these we have been given a Book of the Minutes of the National Council for Women Birmingham Branch for 1945-6 to 1954 which also contains lists of Officers of the Council.

We have catalogued these items, but we are looking for someone interested in doing some further research on them.




 The History Group is currently running a project on World War 1 and has started a new project on Wintersloe School   If you would like to join in or read more, visit our Projects  page.

The History of Moor Green Allotments web page, resulting from a previous History Group project, provides a link to the official booklet on the history of the allotments, a timeline and web articles showing how allotments developed over the past 250 years, together with an account of the 40th Anniversary Celebration Show at Moor Green Allotments on  3rd September with the Lord Mayor as guest of honour.

Blood’s Map of Birmingham and its Environs (1857) is available to be viewed on the Brief History of Moseley page.

The Birmingham Historic Landscape project is an online source that provides a dynamic representation of how land use in Birmingham has changed over the centuries, overlaying historic maps on to the present day street pattern.  For further information see a presentation on Mapping Birmingham’s Historic Landscape from our evening talk on Tuesday 6th October and   Brief Instructions on how to use Birmingham Historic Landscape mapping system.  You can  access the Birmingham City Council Historic Landscape Characterisation web page (with links to all the mapping pages) by clicking here.


The History of Moseley

Between 1850 and 1910 Moseley developed from a rural village centred around Moseley Hall and St Mary’s Church into a fashionable suburb with fine Victorian houses, many built in the arts and crafts style.  To read more see a Brief History of Moseley.

Articles on Moseley and its history have been organised under three pages:  Buildings and Businesses, Moseley People and Moseley Life and Memories.  Click to read more.