The Local History Group continually works on a number of projects and is just starting a new project which involves researching a large collection of Britannic Assurance in-house magazines kindly donated to us by Reg Monk.  These magazines give fascinating insights into the life and times of the company and contain very interesting articles on Moor Green House and Estate, the site of Britannic Assurance and the building of the new Chief Office there. A summary of these articles ,  ‘Britannic Magazines: Moor Green House and Estate’, is available to read here.

To visit the Britannic Assurance Magazines project page click here. It includes an article Reg has written recalling his memories of the time he spent working for the company (Click to read).

The Magazines include:

  • Bound Volumes: Volumes VI to Volume 20 (1930 – 1974)
  • Loose Volumes: Volumes 1968-1997
  • April 1991: A Company History

 Anyone able to come in and help go through the magazines to find interesting articles?

Anyone living in the flats there with any memories of moving in or living there?

Anyone with memories of Moor Green House and Estate and the Britannic building?

If you are interested in helping or contributing, please get in touch via email to: .  We always welcome anyone with an interest.


Our World War 1 Project  is ongoing (click to read more).  This project aims to identify what work has already been done, provide a central data-base hub linking to this research and fill in any gaps not previously covered (for example local conscientious objectors).   In order to avoid duplication we need to know what research is being done and what still needs to be investigated.  We are therefore keen to hear from any organisation that is undertaking its own research into WWI.

To provide a hub we need permission to include website links where they exist, or provide email addresses and/or other contact details. Please let us know if you are happy for us to provide a link to your project/information on our website. If your research has not yet been published online we would love to offer you the chance to do so on our site, of course with credit to you and/or your organisation. If you are not currently doing research about WWI but would like to get involved with our project, or know anyone else with an interest, please get in touch via email to: .  We always welcome new volunteers willing to assist us.


The Group has recently completed a project on the History of Moor Green Allotments (click to read more).  The project produced an official booklet on the history of the allotments, a timeline and web articles showing how allotments developed over the past 250 years, displays and a calendar, in commemoration of Moor Green Allotments’ 40th Anniversary Celebrations. Full information can be found on the web page.


You can also read about two projects previously undertaken by the Group –   Now and Then  and the   HLF Project . Click to read more.


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