The Britannic Assurance Magazines Collection

Reg Monk has kindly donated a number of Britannic Assurance house magazines, which contain fascinating articles about the history of Britannic Assurance, its purchase of the Moor Green estate as a recreational and sporting facility and the building of its new Chief Office on the site, which together provide an illuminating insight into the life and times of the company and the people who worked for it.

Reg worked for the firm for many years and has written an article for our website recalling his memories of the time he spent working for Britannic Assurance (Click to read).

The Magazines include:

  • Bound Volumes: Volumes VI to Volume 20 (1930 – 1974)
  • Loose Volumes: Volumes 1968-1997
  • April 1991: A Company History


Anyone able to come in and help go through the magazines to find interesting articles?

Anyone living in the flats there with any memories of moving in or living there?

Anyone with memories of Moor Green House and Estate and the Britannic building?


The magazines contain very interesting articles on Moor Green House and Estate, the site of Britannic Assurance and the building of the new Chief Office there. A summary of these articles ,  ‘Britannic Magazines: Moor Green House and Estate’, is available to read here.

This supplements the work we did on the History of Moor Green Allotments (click here to visit the web page).   The article People and Places around Moor Green  is particularly relevant (click to view).