St Mary’s War Memorial to those killed in 1915

In Memory of those killed in 1915

WW1 Memorial St Marys

WW1 Memorial St Marys

The following articles by Edwina Rees commemorate those whose names appear on the St Mary’s Church war memorial who were killed in action in 1915.

1. Private R F Bliss

2. Private T A Dickenson

3. Lance-Corporal William Drummond

4. Second Lieutenant G W Field

5. Lieutenant D E Gosling

6. Second Lieutenant D H W Greenway

7. Private A Hackett

8. Lieutenant J W W Hudson

9. Private E G Parker


Note that H.L Pearce is wrongly shown on the memorial as having lost his life in 1915 when he was in reality killed in 1917.  See the 1917 page for the article on Private Harold Leslie Pearce.


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