Moseley Life and Memories

Moseley Life

The development of Moseley at different stages in its history is described in the following articles (click to view):

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Victorian Moseley – Transport and Social Developments

Two articles tell the story of the development of Moseley in Victorian times with reference to (often amusing) reports in local newspapers and magazines.  Click to read:

Victorian Moseley in the News  – Transport
Victorian Moseley in the News – Developments in Housing and Society

Further articles on Moseley Village Green and Transport in Moseley describe how the road pattern and transport infrastructure have changed leading to the relocation of the village green from the vicinity of the Meteor Ford site to its current location at the crossroads .  (Click to view)

Victorian Housing in Moseley

An article on Sorrento House and Gardens describes the style of architecture favoured by affluent Moseley residents and the social life associated with their lifestyle.

Sports and Social Life

Sport was important in late 19th/ early 20th century Moseley as a way of developing social contacts and relationships of all kinds.  The history of the major Sports and Social clubs in Moseley is described here (click to view).  See also the following:

Sorrento Hospital – Memories of Sorrento Midwives

A talk about Sorrento Hospital which Josie Wall gave to a Local History Group meeting in 2013 can be read here.

Jenny Hodder has given us her memories of working as a midwife at Sorrento Maternity Hospital . Ann Flynn has also given us her recollections of life as an orderly at Sorrento in a conversation with Linda Gresham along with two of her two of her poems about Sorrento.

Memories of Moseley Life

Memories of Moseley life are reflected in these articles by local people. (Click to view)

Memories of World War II

Articles tell the story of Suzanne Marburg, a young Jewish girl who died in the ‘Birmingham Blitz’ of 12 December 1940, and the life of Reverend Rosalind Emma Lee, who rescued Suzanne from Nazi Germany and resettled her in England as a refugee.  (Click to read). There is a further article about Suzanne and other victims of the same air raid – the families of the Piccioni brothers in Oxford Road – in the Newsletter October 2012.  (Click to read the newsletter).  You can also read a member’s memories of Coventry burning in a  WWII Memory.

More articles

There is an article on the history of  Toc H in Moseley , also describing its origins and role during World War 1.

Further memories feature in editions of Local History Newsletters from 2012-13.  Click on the Newsletter edition to read the articles.

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