The Frank Jones Archive

Frank Jones, a long-standing member of Moseley History Group, died in 2013. His family have kindly donated a range of items related to World War II and loaned us other WWII materials.

Below you can see photographs of some of those items, followed by a list of all the donated items and those on loan.  Click on a photograph below to enlarge the image.


List of Donated Items

1. Parachute + parachute material
2. Air Raid Warden Record – Woodrough Drive (Ascot Road) and School Road (E65/A/2)
3. Air Raid Warden Record – Oxford Road (E65 /A/2)
4. Air Raid Warden Record –  Ascot Road (E65/A/2)
5. Folder A: Air Warden Instructions

  • Warden’s Report Forms
  • Instructions for the use of Report Form
  • Fire Guard Training form 1942
  • Card – map  of area covered by ‘E’ Division East, Group 65 Sector 2
  • Form – City of Birmingham Air Raid Precautions/ Supplementary Fire Parties
  • Blank House Records x 2 styles
  • Permanent card – Air raid precautions to hang up.
  • Form – Establishment of Incident Post

6. OS Map Birmingham Second War Revision 1940 Sheet 72
7. Daily Express War Map of Europe
8. A Registered Envelope
9. The Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, September 4th 1939
10.  Daily Telegraph WWII Magazine, ‘Eyewitness Experience’/Facsimile Newspaper/ published 2009
11.  The Sunday Telegraph, Feb 5th 1961 –Anniversary Souvenir – 50 Years told in 50 Stories
12.  Birmingham Evening Mail Jan 17 1966
13.  Birmingham Gazette ‘ Santa Claus Gift Bag’
14.  Rota Books (Air Warden) x 5 exercise books
15.  ARP Information on Raids/ effects of bombs x 1 notebook (Red)
16.  Misc House/People Records
17.  Poem: The Civil Defence
18.  Enrolment to Messenger Service Form and letter
19.  Bank Box: Misc items

List of Loaned Items

A. ARP Helmet
B. Metal Helmet
C. Buttons/ Whistle/ Tunic Chevron Badge
D. Instruction Booklets:

  • A Concise and Fully Illustrated and Practical Guide for the Householder and Air Raid Warden
  • Air Raid Precautions Handbook No.9.’ (Incendiary  Bombs and Fire Precautions)
  • Air Raid Precautions Handbook No.8’. (The Duties of Air raid Wardens)
  • Air Raid Precautions Handbook No.14’. (The Fire Guards Handbook)

E. Kitbag 1943
F. Double Material Satchel (x1)
G. Satchel Kitbag/ USA (x1)
H. 17 Oxford Road Moseley: Respirator
I. Metal Water Can/holder
J. Gas mask in cloth carry bag
K. Gas mask
L. Leather carry box
M. Strong cloth map/ instructions carry bag


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